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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Little Crocheted Easter Baskets!

Hello!  How are you all? I haven't posted for a good while. Feels good to finally write a post. The weather has been crazy here lately. The other day it was 85% and now it's in the 20s. All of my Daffodils have bloomed and they look so pretty. Now It's going to freeze tonight. We were suppose to get snow last night and we didn't. So thankful for that.

Been trying to get ready for Easter. Planning on going to the Sunrise Service at Church and then have a pitch in Breakfast.

I have been making some little Crocheted Easter Baskets for my Grand Children. I will still give them their regular Easter Baskets. But I wanted to make them a little one, so that they would have it for a keepsake.                                                                                Now I have to tell you, I had never tried making a basket. So after a few attempts. This is what I came up with. (picture isn't the best, was taken with my phone).


This is the one that I made my Grand Daughter. (This was my third attempt at making a basket). But I finally figured it out.
I just used Red Heart yarns. I had to add some lavender. Purple is my Grand Daughters favorite color. Mine to. Made my Grandson a blue one. but still need to add the handle.
It was made with half double crochet. I used a J sized hook. and a   I sized hook for the handle.

I won't post how I made it. because I didn't write down how it was made. If I make another. I will write it down as I go.

I'm not very good at making flowers either, but I found a video on youtube and made one. It's actually about the third one that I made because they seemed to big. I went with a smaller hook size and liked it best.  I used hook size H and a light pink yarn.                

For the Lavender Cluster in the middle of the flower, I chained 4, put hook into first stitch. will make a hole. Single crochet 6 times into hole. Slip stitch into first chain. Cut yarn. Pull beginning yarn tight. This makes a little cluster. I then added to the basket.                          

Hope you all liked seeing the Easter Basket that I made. I'm going to have to get off of here. My Grand Children will be here soon. Hope you all are doing well and want to wish you all a Happy Easter.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Injoystampin's 12,000 Subscriber Giveaway!

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Blanket for Scarlett!

Hi All, I am finally getting around to making a post. I have been really sick with Bronchitis and am finally feeling good enough to get on here. 

As some of you know, I have been Crocheting for about a year now. It has been so fun.

So I thought I would share a picture of my Grand Daughter Scarlett holding the Granny Square Blanket that I made her for her birthday. She was so suprised. I had made my Grandson a blanket for his birthday. But every time she ask me if I was going to make her one. I would tell her that I probably wouldn't have enough time and that I would have to make her one after her birthday. So she was shocked when she opened it. 

She really Loves It and hoping that she cherishes it for many years. 
I made every square look like a flower,except one. In the picture you can see it. It is all bright yellow in the middle surrounded in blue. I wanted it to look like the sun and the sky because I am always telling her she is my Sunshine and we always sing the song "You are my Sunshine." 
I'm really Happy with how it turned out and hope you liked seeing it to. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day. Cindy

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Super Hero Birthday!!!

Hello Friends! So glad you could stop by. Hope you all are doing good. Today is my son Jacob's Birthday. 
He loves Super Hero's,so I thought I would make him a Captain America Card. Well his shield anyway. 


For the circles I used my Martha Stewart Circle Cutter,For the Star I cut it from The Child's Year Cartridge and the background was stamped using a background stamp from Stampin Up called Sanded.

Love this Card because it was so fast and easy to make.



Here's a picture of my Son, I think his so handsome!
 So glad you could stop by. Have a Wonderful and Creative day! Now I've got to get in the kitchen and bake his birthday cake. Bye, Cindy

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Crocheted Gifts!

Well hope your all staying warm. It's raining here and might get up to 8 inches tomorrow and with the wind shield could be around 35 below zero. I'm already not a fan of winter, but this is beyond crazy. 

A few things that are good to do in cold weather is to do some paper crafting and Crocheting. So hopefully those things will keep me busy and get my mind off of the freezing cold weather. 
I am working on some Invitations for my Grand Daughters birthday that will soon be coming up and I'm still working on Crocheting her blanket. I hope I can get it done in time. 

We had a nice Christmas and my side of the family had our Christmas on New Years Eve. It's the perfect time to get together because it all give's us something to do on New Year's Eve.

We always play Bingo and some of them had dancing contest using Just Dance 3 with the Wii Game. It was so funny and the food was sooooo good. Sure wish I had some of it right now. 

Thought I would share a few pictures of a few things that I Crocheted for gifts. 

For part of my Siblings gifts. I Crocheted little Christmas Wreaths and put them on Blue Mason Jars. Stamped some snowflakes on a circle cardstock for the top and for the Inside of the jars I made  gift card holder's to hold their gift cards. I thought it was a cute Idea. 


I also Crocheted my first Infinity Scarf. Gave It to my daughter for Christmas. She Loved It! The color is called Buff and I made it extra wide so she can also wrap it over her head. It is so stretchy and soft.


  This Scarf is made of 20 rows. I am wanting to make me one and also wanting to make some 10 row one's in different colors. My Grand Daughter is already asking for one in pinks and purples.

Well I guess I had better go and start working on those Invitations some more.  Stay warm my Crafty Friends! Come back and visit again.  Cindy

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas and Ernie the Elf!


Merry Christmas! So glad you could stop by. Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas. Spending the day at home. My kids and Grand Kids will be here in a little while. I'm busy cooking. 

Santa sent a special little Elf to my house to watch my little Grand Children to make sure they are being good. 

They were so excited when he came and choose a name for him. They decided on Ernie the Elf. (I don't think they remembered that I have a uncle named Ernie). 

Here is some of the pictures that I took of Ernie.

This picture was taken the first time my grand children meet Ernie. My Grand Daughter Scarlett kept looking at him real fast to see if she could catch him blinking. :0)





They laughed pretty hard when they found him in here!




Elves Love Pancake Syrup!


I had a long talk with Ernie. Told him he could have all of the sweet's  in the house that he could find. But don't eat anymore of my Chocolate Covered Cherries.  


Ernie telling others about the birth of Jesus!


  I think Ernie has a crush on Crystal the Barbie!


Hope you enjoyed seeing all of the pictures of Ernie the Elf. Santa picked him up sometime last night. The Grand Kids are sad that he had to go. But he will be back again next year. 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and wishing that you only find Happiness, Joy and good times in the new year. 



Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mason Jar Project and Winner of Let It Snow Blog Hop!

Hi All,Glad you stopped by. I've been busy getting ready for Christmas. I just finished making a Crocheted Infinity Scarf for my Daughter and I'm still working on a Crocheted Blanket for my Grand Daughters birthday in January. It's been a lot of work. Hope I get it done in time. Will share pictures of them later on.

  It has been SOOOO COLD here in Indiana. It was 0 last night. Going to be a little warmer tonight. I had to get out in it today and go to town. I'm telling you I hate getting out in Snow and Ice.  Oh, I miss Fall. It doesn't last long enough. 

I thought I would share a  few pictures of a project me and my two Grand Children did a couple of days ago.  

We decorated Mason Jars and put battery operated candles in them, so they could put them in their bedrooms.


My Grand Daughter Scarlett made the first one. She cut tissue paper in red,green and white. First paint a layer of Modge Podge,added the tissue paper. glued on white snowflakes that she punched out. She just used computer paper and then did another layer of the glue and sprinkled on white and green glitter. 

My Grandson Walker made the center one and decided to make a Ninja Turtle one by gluing on a napkin that he had. 

The one I did was made by using some pretty tissue paper that I had with White poinsettias and red berries on it and I added white glitter.

We love how they turned out and we had a great time making them. I am going to be on the hunt for some more pretty Tissue papers and napkins.

Here is a few more pictures that I took of them.

(With some of the lights off and Candles on the Inside)!

A picture of them with all of the lights off. Well the Tree lights are on.

This is a fun craft and super easy to do. If any of you decide to try it. I would love to see them. 

Supplies you will need-
Glass Jars
Modge Podge
Tissue Paper or Napkins
Paint Brushes (We used foam brushes)
Glitter (Optional)
Punched out Images (Optional)
Battery Operated Candles 

Now I would like to thank everyone that visited my blog for the Let It Snow Blog Hop and for your sweet comments and thanks to the ones who became followers of my blog. 

Now I would like to announce the winner of my little giveaway. 
My Grand Daughter helped me and we choose a winner using random dot org

And the Winner is...................


Kathryn said-
These are great!!! Where did you get the pattern for the boxes?
Was it a cut from a Cricut Cartridge? I think this would be a great project for the girls to do for gifts to parents/family. Please let me know which Cartridge,If you would please.

 Congratulations to you Kathryn. Please e-mail me your mailing address and I'll get them out to you. My e-mail is cindymarshall63 at hotmail dot com

Also Kathryn, The Tissue Boxes are not from a Cricut Cartridge. I seen a video on youtube and can not remember which one. If you go on youtube, there is several video's on how to make them.
If you make some. please let me know. Would love to see them. 

Again Thanks for everyone for visiting my blog and just in case I don't do any more post for awhile.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!     Cindy

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